Mordecai (2015) – Johnny Depp as a Bumbling Art Collector/Spy!


Mordecai is a crime caper comedy about a Charlie Mordecai, a debonair art dealer who has to juggle a whole lot of struggles while hunting down clues to a potential treasure of Nazi gold. It’s always Nazi gold. Those Nazis.

Russians are after him and the gold. The British MI5 is after the gold. Mordecai’s wife, a babe (well, Gwyneth Paltrow, so sorta), is giving him grief. He needs the code to a bank account.

But from what I gather he’s sorta bumbling. Ol’ Mordy (as I call him) isn’t exactly a super spy, a la James Bond, but he’s on the right track, and just needs to keep those after him off his tail long enough to bring the gold to light.


Mordecai comes from longtime Hollywood heavyweight David Koepp. Koepp is primarily well-known for his writing credits, which include everything from the original Spider-Man and Mission: Impossible films to War of the Worlds, Secret Window, Jurassic Park and Carlito’s Way. He’s been around for a long while, and been pretty successful throughout that time.

Yet he isn’t writing Mordecai. Eric Aronson wrote the screenplay and the story is based on the novels by Kyril Bonfiglioli. I have to assume the writing is pretty good though, since Koepp should know a good script when he sees one.


Mordecai Trailer

Mordecai Release Date

February 6, 2015.

Who’s In It?

Johnny Depp . . . Charlie Mortdecai
Gwyneth Paltrow… Wife
Ewan McGregor… Probably an MI5 dude
Paul Bettany… Another possible MI5 Secret Agent
Olivia Munn… Probably going to do a shitty job acting in this.
Michael Byrne… Not sure

What’s Good About It?

Mordecai has Johnny Depp with a funny looking mustache basically playing Mr. Magoo. It should be fun. Add in David Koepp as director and I think there’s some real talent here that should delight when it comes out next year.

What’s Bad About It?

Olivai Munn? No.

Our Clever Prediction

Mordecai may be a pretty big success when it’s released. I like Depp a lot, and he’s certainly one of the more bankable stars around. Gwyneth Paltrow will be good for the poster, and bring some sort of moronic fanbase in, and the film in general just looks like it’ll be really good. Solid, A- type movie.