Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Moonrise Kingdom Poster 1
Moonrise Kingdom Poster 1

Are you ready for quirkiness? Because Moonrise Kingdom has a ball load of quirk for you. Wes Anderson’s latest film is set in 1965, in a small New England island. A pair of young lovers run off together. And quirkiness ensues.

I honestly can barely decipher the trailer, which is below, but I can say I was oddly charmed by it. Mostly by the oddity of Bill Murray, who always gives Anderson understated performances.

There are camp kids in funny costumes, children armed with brutal-looking weapons, and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t get.

And old French music. Man, Wes Anderson takes hipster to a whole new level.

Moonrise Kingdom

As I’ve said, Wes Anderson is at the helm of Moonrise Kingdom, and he also cowrote the screenplay with Roman Coppola. Yes, from THOSE Coppolas. So there’s some talent here.

Moonrise Kingdom Trailer

Movie Release Date

Limited release on May 25, 2012.


Who’s In It?

  Bruce Willis
  Edward Norton
  Bill Murray
  Tilda Swinton
  Harvey Keitel
  Frances McDormand
  Jason Schwartzman
  Bob Balaban
  Kara Hayward … Suzy
  Jared Gilman … Sam
  Neal Huff … Jed
  Jake Ryan … Lionel
  Charlie Kilgore … Lazy Eye
  Tommy Nelson … Nickleby
  Chandler Frantz … Gadge
  James Wilcox … Scout Master
  Gabriel Rush … Skotak
  Lucas Hedges … Redford
  Jordan Puzzo … Boy Scout
  L.J. Foley … Izod
  George J. Vezina … Scoutmaster
  Andreas Sheikh … Panagle
  Christopher Alan … Church Townsmen
  Joshie Meehan¹ … Boy Scout
  Dylan Cataldo … Khaki Scout

What’s Good About It?

From the trailer, and Anderson’s other films like The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, it’s clear he knows how to make a film that resembles how a kid likely sees his adventures. It’s a lot of fun to see, and he gets great actors like Murray, Willis and Norton, so there’s always a quality.

What’s Bad About It?

Have you ever barfed from quirkiness? I have, and it tasted like coffee and despair.


Our Clever Prediction

I don’t think Moonrise Kingdom is necessarily intended to make a ton of money, but I’m sure it’ll do reasonably well. I know it has a limited release to start, but I expect it’ll go wide before long.


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