Mindscape (2014) – Mark Strong as a Psychic Detective


Mindscape is a horror film about a man with the psychic ability to enter other people’s minds, and he’s enlisted to enter the mind of a 16 year old girl to see if she commited a murder.

She might be a psychopath, and entering the mind of someone with an abnormal brain might be more damaging to him than he could have imagined.

Also, if I could enter minds I would spend most of my day inside the minds of 16 year old girls.

First thing to note about Mindscape is that it stars Mark Strong as the psychic. And he’s awesome. So that’s a huge plus from the get go. It also has Brian Cox as the lawyer of the 16 year old girl who hires him to get into her head. So there are two huge plusses… pluses… good things about the film right off the bat.

The girl’s name is Anna, and she’s clearly pretty messed up. The problem is, did she commit the crimes, or simply witness them? Did seeing them cause her to have a mental break from reality, or was she already deranged and killed them herself? And is John, the psychic, getting into her head, or is she getting into his?

Add in the fact that Anna’s family is super rich, and her parents might be caught up in some horrible things as well, since they’re rich and Hollywood naturally assumes rich people are bad (half and half probably) so there’s definitely more than meets the eye in this flick.

Plus, Mark Strong. Cool.


Mindscape comes from director Jorge Dorado, who doesn’t really have a lot of experience with English language or American films, but he’s been making a bit of a name for himself outside the US for a while, so he’s ready for this big shot.

Guy Holmes and Martha Holmes cowrote the story. It’s a first flick for both of them. I’m thinking they’re husband and wife, and not brother and sister, but I’m basing that on absolutely nothing. They might not be related, or they could be the descendants of Sherlock Holmes, having jumped out of the pages of a story.


Mindscape Trailer

Mindscape Release Date

January 31, 2014 in Spain. No US release date yet.

Who’s In It?

Taissa Farmiga… Anna
Mark Strong… John
Brian Cox
Indira Varma
Noah Taylor

What’s Good About It?

Mindscape has some exceptional actors, and the trailer looks intense. I like the twist of having Anna’s parents be super rich, and that the film seems to be toying with a number of potential twist endings to keep us on our toes. I feel the filmmakers are fairly well-aware of a lot of Hollywood films and how they handle crazy people stories, and will likely tease us with the various ways this could turn out to keep us from figuring it out from the outset.

What’s Bad About It?

I’ve got nothing. Looks good.

Our Clever Prediction

Mindscape may not be a monstrous success, which blows, but at the same time it’s a horror film, and those tend to do pretty well. If this is even halfway scary it could make some decent money, and it was likely not too expensive to make, so it could succeed. I just hope it leads to even more films with Mark Strong. Cause he rocks.