Men In Black 3 Update


Its still at least 2 years away, but a little more news came out for Men In Black 3D.

Did you click this article hoping to see more images of men wearing black underwear? Sorry to disappoint. Looks like Alec Baldwin, Gemma Arterton, and Sharlto Copley are all in negotiations to join the cast. Baldwin would play the 1960s head of the MIB, and Arterton his secretary… hmmm.. whatever.

However, Will smith, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones are 100% in the new Men In Black 3 movie, so … it won’t totally suck. Oh, the film got bumped to a 2012 release date now.

Movie Release Date

MIB 3D hits theaters summer 2012.

The Good

Gemma Arterton could bring new life to a new alien character in the film.

The Bad

Betty White is rumored to be in the film. This Betty White shit was funny for about 30 seconds, enough with this gag. I mean, we get it… she’s old and irrelevant .. stop throwing her down our throats. Its not funny anymore, so fuck off.

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