Mad Max 4 : Fury Road (2015)


An update to the new Mad Max movie, Fury Road..the newest, and long anticipated Mad Max movie. The newest entry into the Road Warrior franchise is now aiming for a 2015 release date, and production is finally wrapped up. The cast and crew has been added so many times over the last 5 years, it has been hard keeping up. We have been covering the release of this movie since it was announced way back in 2009. From script to official release in 2014, Fury Road has been 5 long years in the making, so will it be worth all this trouble, and what famous characters will be back?

I can’t believe I have been posting about this stupid movie since 2009, it’s taking forever.

Mad Max 4 – Fury Road

Note : This new Mad Max Movie has been moved to a 2014 2015! release, and has been in production since 2009…. tons of holdups, casting and production delays have made Fury Road quite the project spanning years now.

George Miller is back in the Director/Writer chair for the upcoming Mad Max movie, Fury Road. Fury Road will be shot in Sydney and New South Wales next year, with a budget in the region of $100 million. The plot isn’t official, but the casting is, and you can see below who is in the movie. You already know the plot though, a lack of petroleum and the power to regain control of it. One thing we do know is, Mad Max 4 will be in 3D.

Director George Miller just released this statement about Fury Road

“We are doing 3D on Fury Road– we are shooting with real 3D cameras,” Miller said. “Seven years ago we were going to shoot in 3D but the technology in cinemas wasn’t geared for it then but I always loved 3D.”

Mel Gibson in Fury Road?

You probably are curious if Mel Gibson is in the new Mad Max movie, and the answer is…yes NO! Mel was in the movie originally, but has backed out now. After Mel’s well publicized meltdown , he has taken a back seat, which is unfortunate.  However Tom Hardy will do a wonderful job as the new Max, he’s the perfect choice.


Mad Max: Fury Road Trailers

 Release Date

Update : Mad Max 4 is a 2015 release date now! Fury Road has been delayed and delayed…. hope they get it right.

Who’s In Fury Road?

Tom Hardy – Max Rockatansky
Charlize Theron
Nicholas Hoult
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Riley Keough –  the grandchild of Elvis Presley… she’s in it. How cool is that? Riley is making the big turn from modeling to acting.

 What’s Good About It?

The ‘Mad Max’ franchise was one of the best in its day, with wonderful action and a great storyline. Director George Miller is planning to take as long as a year to build the badass vehicles. This means Mad Max 4 just isn’t being thrown together, they are going to knock this thing out of the park.

What’s Bad About It?

We are always a little worried about rebooting a franchise.

Uninteresting Factoid

Remember the ‘Ferel Kid’ in the 1981 Mad Max movie? That little shit with the boomerang? That kid is 41 years old now. That’s how old you got since Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981) .

Feril Kid from Road Warrior

Our Clever Prediction

They hype will be terrific, lets see who signs on to star in the film before making a prediction.


  1. I really think a prequel would do the job. The storyline based on the emerging anarchy and the formatin of the MFP. Maybe MAX and Goose as rookies. Just a thought.

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