Low Down (2014) – Biopic of Jazz Pianist Joe Albany

Low Down1

Low Down tells the true story of legendary jazz pianist Joe Albany and his strained relationship with his daughter.

Albany was an immensely talented individual. He wasted most of his potential on drugs and drinking. His wife, Sheila, the mother of his daughter, was likewise screwed up, and while he tried to be a decent guy and do the right thing by his daughter Amy, he spent a great deal of time on his terrible heroin addiction. Low Down tells Albany’s story primarily through the eyes of his daughter, who looked at her daddy with rose colored glasses for a great many years.

But it sounds like she’ll start seeing the truth throughout the course of the novel.

Low Down

Low Down comes from director Jeff Preiss. Preiss has worked primarily as a cinematographer to date. He did direct a Mariah Carey music video once though, so he DEFINITELY understands jazz.

The film is based on the memoirs of Amy Albany (who will be played by Elle Fanning), and she cowrote the screenplay with Topper Lilien. Lilien’s last work was the 2000 megaflop Dungeons and Dragons. So… he also understands jazz.


Low Down Trailer

Low Down Release Date

October 24, 2014.

Who’s In It?

John Hawkes . . . Joe Albany
Taryn Manning
Elle Fanning
Glenn Close
Peter Dinklage
Lena Headey

What’s Good About It?

Low Down has an absolutely outstanding cast. John Hawkes might one day gain the recognition he deserves for his years of exceptional work, Elle Fanning is a fantastic up and comer, and I’ve heard exceptionally good things about Glenn Close’s work in the film.

What’s Bad About It?

My only real issue with Low Down is it sounds like it’ll tread a lot of familiar ground. This is Sonny’s Blues or any number of films about famous musicians who are brought low by their addictions.

Our Clever Prediction

Low Down is definitely an Oscar contender. I feel like Glenn Close and John Hawkes could be nominated this year, and you never know if Fanning will knock one out of the park and really establish herself as a force in Hollywood. At the very least she’s doing a great job thus far.