Loving Vincent: Brilliant Peace of Work, Complete Painted Animated Movie, Made with Love


As we progress, so does the various techniques of cinematography! Yes, by this time you are definitely familiar with the praiseworthy singularity of the movie, as it has been tagged as “the world’s first fully painted feature film” by the website www.lovingvincent.com. Nonetheless, it is a biopic of the revolutionary post-impressionist artist, Vincent Willem van Gogh; known not only for his painting skills but also for his eccentricities (He had chopped off his right ear with a knife!).

The movie is a piece of unexplainable exuberance itself; it is a perfect blend of avant-garde oil painting and modern techniques of animation. Whether you dislike animation or if you are not really familiar with the profundity of fine arts, you must watch the movie if you are a true movie buff; the movie is just not a movie, it is an experience altogether. With the magnificent use and combination of vibrant oil colors and the magical touch of animation, the realm of cinema has taken a further step towards reaching new heights of acclamations.




Vincent Gogh has been sentimentally honored through this biopic; it surfaces like a dream with colorful poetry as its medium of dilation. The movie is a sneak peak in the later life of the painter who collapsed into a sudden death without being investigated about the reason behind his demise. Loving Vincent, as the directors, Dorota Kobiela as well as Hugh Welchman have created it narrates the mysterious death of the painter in a colourfully dramatic way, taking seven long years to eventually release it on 12 June, 2017 at the popular platform for animated movies, Annecy International Animated Film Festival or ANNECY as it is popularly known.

Honoured as the “Most Popular International Feature, Loving Vincent narrated the spectacular and curiosity pinching event of 27 July 1980, when a spindly figure tumbles down the high street of a small and quaint French village called Auvers with his feeble hands grasping his bullet shot belly bursting out into a pool of blood. Gogh’s tragic death has been retold as per the perspectives of the movie makers at a very inspiring and intriguing level in the run of 94 minutes. You would never feel restless of too critical as you would be spellbound by its wondrous cast on you, time would fly and so would your reasoning stance in that short period of your life.



Do not thin over, book your ticket as soon as possible before it bids adieu from the theatres. And remember, it ought to be watched on the large silver screen as neither your desktop nor your well-equipped home theatre would do justice to his wonderful marvel of the movie. Hard work and patience pay off and so has this movie as a “labor of love” which has not been “lost” with the sudden tragic demise of the painter about 200 years back but “regained” being retold so emphatic lucidity.