Life After Beth (2014) – Aubrey Plaza Dies, and Returns!

Life After Beth7

Life After Beth is a romantic comedy horror film about a young woman in love who dies, but then comes back to life as a zombie.

Beth and Zach were in love. Young love. Sweet young love. And she dies. Zach is devastated, as a fella would be.

But then she’s resurrected. She comes back! And Zach couldn’t be happier. He gets a second chance to tell her all the things he wished he’d said. So when he sees her again, he opens his heart and soul up completely to her. But then she starts to change. She has hunger and anger that can’t be explained. And she’s strong. And nearly unkillable.

Beth is a monster. She has a hunger for human flesh. And she can’t help herself. So now Zach has to come to grips with the love of his life being a horrible zombie, and he may be the one who has to put her down when all is said and done.

And it’s a comedy!

Life After Beth

Life After Beth comes from writer/director Jeff Baena. He doesn’t have a whole lot of experience, though he did write I Heart Huccabees. And he was in a film called The End of Love playing himself. So… that’s the filmmaker.


Life After Beth Trailer

Life After Beth Release Date

August 15, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Anna Kendrick . . . Erica Wexler 
Dane DeHaan . . . Zach Orfman 
Aubrey Plaza . . . Beth Slocum 
Alia Shawkat . . . Roz
Matthew Gray Gubler . . . Kyle Orfman
John C. Reilly . . . Maury Slocum 

What’s Good About It?

Life After Beth has a fairly solid cast. Aubrey Plaza is a perfect fit for Beth, and Dane Dehaan is a fantastic off-beat choice for a leading man. Add in Alia Shawkat and Anna Kendrick, with John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon playing Beth’s parents, and there’s plenty of talent to make Life After Beth a hit.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t really have any negatives for this, though it might be an odd pick for a lot of folks.

Our Clever Prediction

Life After Beth is a fairly low budget flick, though it has a solid cast, a talented writer/director, and a fun story. I don’t anticipate a big box office, but there’s a chance it’ll exceed expectations.