Left Behind & The Maze Runner Videos, and a Jurassic World Pic!

jurassic world aug 5

Jurassic World teases a big T-Rex, Left Behind masks the film’s quality well, and The Maze Runner has some nice exposition that doesn’t actually tell us anything!

Jurassic World

Jurassic World has a new photo that marks the end of principle photography for the film. It has the movie thingie… you know, the thing that snaps when they say action? Well, anyways, that thing is in the jaws of a T-Rex. So… there’ll be everyone’s favorite dinosaur!
jurassic world aug 5

Left Behind

Left Behind has a new trailer that does a halfway decent job of making me believe this isn’t a low rent, low budget turd. I mean, it totally is both of those things, but it doesn’t look as bad as before. The magic of good trailer-making. There is something to the premise of the film, which has a bunch of people raptured up to heaven or whatever before the dark times, and those people who are left behind… OH… having to deal with the consequences. Not bad, I suppose.

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner has a new film clip that starts to introduce the world the film takes place in. There’s the main world, with plants n’ such, called The Glade, then there’s the maze. They don’t go beyond the walls into the maze. Except… well, we know they do. At least at some point, right? So… the black dude is wrong.