Left Behind (2014) – Nic Cage is one of the Last Men Left on Earth!

Left Behind4

Left Behind is a post-apocalyptic thriller about an airline pilot trying to land his jumbo jet when a good portion of the passengers suddenly disappear because of the rapture. YEAH.

So this is a remake of a Kirk Cameron movie, meaning I’m extra excited to see it. The premise seems an awful lot like the upcoming HBO series The Leftovers, which looks freaking awesome, while this looks pretty bad. At least it has Nic Cage. He plays the pilot.

So not only are people disappearing from the plane, but also from all over the world. Planes and other manned vehicles are suddenly driverless, which causes mass hysteria, and while a lot of people are still on Earth, they aren’t exactly prepared for this particular situation. Each person on the plane, or at least the main characters of the film that are on the plane, has their own reasons to be suspicious, and each has to deal with what has happened, including them possibly missing out on seeing their families again.

It’s a Christian story, kinda, but it’s also really weird.

Left Behind

Left Behind comes from Vic Armstrong, who is better known as a stunt coordinator, especially for the Indiana Jones films, so he has more than a little bit of talent in that regard. Whether he can direct an entire film is still to be seen, but he looks decent enough.

The film is based on the series of novels by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. Paul Lalonde and John Patus wrote the screenplay.


Left Behind Trailer

Left Behind Release Date

October 3, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Nicolas Cage . . . Rayford ‘Ray’ Steele
Chad Michael Murray . . . Cameron ‘Buck’ Williams 
Cassi Thomson . . . Chloe Steele
Nicky Whelan

What’s Good About It?

Holy crap, where do I start? Left Behind has all the makings of an epic and perfect film, from Nic Cage to Chad Michael Murray (HUH?). Lea Thompson still gives me an incredible hard on, as does hottie Nicky Whelon, who must have blown her way through a series of dudes to achieve her career level, but it looks like newcomer (at least to me) Cassie Thomson is going to be one of the truly main characters in the film. So… good?

What’s Bad About It?

There is not now, nor will there EVER be, something bad about a ridiculous Nicolas Cage movie. EVER.

Our Clever Prediction

Left Behind is not, surprisingly enough, a straight to On Demand and DVD film. That is shocking enough, but it also has a modest budget, which shouldn’t even cover Nic Cage’s salary, which should be in the $35 Million dollar range, if this world had any justice. I can’t imagine Left Behind making much money, but it might find an audience with fans of the books.