‘Leatherface’ gets 2 more actors

Vanessa Grasse in Leatherface

More news for the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel lovingly called ‘Leatherface‘.  Lili Taylor, who starred in The Conjuring, will be Leatherface’s mom Vera Sawyer. Someone you’ve never heard of , ‘Vanessa Grasse’ (Who is smoking hot and someone that would not give me the time of day) has nabbed the female lead as Lizzy. Grasse play’s Lizzy, a nurse at the mental hospital who gets kidnapped and taken on a road trip by inmates. One of those inmates is good old Leatherface. Why is it the hot chicks always get taken hostage in horror movies? You never see the 300lb fatso named ‘Jennifer’ taken captive, only the hot ones. Oh, here’s a little image of Grasse, she’s a hottie for sure, hope to see her in more movies.

Vanessa Grasse in Leatherface


To find out the rest of the details about Leatherface, check out our coverage. More updates as we get them.

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