Leatherface (2016)

leatherface-texas-chainsaw-massacre 2016

Leatherface‘ is the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, coming in 2016. Did we need a new Texas Chainsaw movie? Probably not, but I suppose there is always interest in Leatherface, and the story behind the infamous bad-ass. According to reports, the movie is a prequel, and involves the events surrounding ugly’s downwards spiral into murder and torture, usually involving a chainsaw. Because, a chainsaw is totally the quiet and clean way to murder a bunch of people, it would never attract attention. Anyways, the plot revolves around a young man ( the future Leatherface ) who escapes from a mental hospital. He and three other crazy idiots, take a nurse from the hospital … as a hostage… as them embark on a nice road trip full of murder , drugs and sex. Its sort of like a Guns and Roses tour bus back in the 90’s.

Starring : Stephen Dorff is the cop tasked with bringing the boys to justice, Sam Strike is playing Leatherface.

Release Date : Oct 2016

Leatherface Trailer : Nothing yet

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