Lay the Favorite (2012)

lay the favorite

Lay the Favorite is a dramedy about a woman who gets into professional gamling. The woman is good as a gambler, and grows close to her gambling buddies.

Beth isn’t doing too well in her life. She appears to be something of a stripper/whore in the trailer, but whatever she is, she isn’t a Senator (or is she?)

Beth moves to Vegas and starts working as a cocktail waitress. At some point she comes in contact with some professional gamblers and gets in on the action a bit. She’s a good luck charm, but at some point she falls in love and has to choose which life she wants. Will she choose the life with her gambling family, or will she choose love?


Lay the Favorite

Lay the Favorite is based on the memoirs of Beth Raymer, with Stephen Frears directing. Frears has some quality films in his past, including The Queen and High Fidelity.

Lay the Favorite Trailer

Lay the Favorite Release Date

TBA 2012.


Who’s In It?

 Bruce Willis … Dink Heimowitz
  Catherine Zeta-Jones … Tulip Heimowitz
  Rebecca Hall … Beth Raymer
  Vince Vaughn … Rosie
  Joshua Jackson … Jeremy
  Laura Prepon … Holly
  Joel Murray … Darren
  Frank Grillo … Frankie
  Corbin Bernsen
  John Carroll Lynch … Dave Greenberg
  Andrea Frankle … Marcia Greenberg
  Lara Grice … Waitress
  Ritchie Montgomery … Hairplugs
  Dominique DuVernay … Curacao Hooker #2
  Wayne Pére … Scott
  Jo Newman … Darcy
  Rusty Meyers … RIO Gambler #1
  Robert Martin Steinberg … Doctor
  Michelle Torres … Club Patron
  John L. Armijo … Bar Patron
  Chekesha Van Putten … Casino girl
  Hugo Armstrong … Customer
  Tracy Miller … John A Guy
  B.J. Parker … Casino Security Guard
  Kylie Creppel … Birthday Girl
  Darcel White Moreno … Hooker #1
  Errol Suleyman … Bet Taker
  Matthew Pebler … Angelo

What’s Good About It?

I like Bruce Willis when he’s having fun, and it looks like he’s having fun in Lay the Favorite. Also, Rebecca Hall looks absolutely HOT AS SHIT in this. Yowza.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t have anything in particular bad to say about Lay the Favorite.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t expect Lay the Favorite to make a boatload of money, though it does have some star power with Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta Jones and to a lesser extent Joshua Jackson and Rebecca Hall in it. Vince Vaughn is also in it, though I expect his role is rather small.