Lamb of God (2013)

lamb of god

Lamb of God is Juno writer Diablo Cody’s first film as both writer and director. The story follows a young woman who survives a plane crash and subsequently loses her faith.

The girl, named Lamb because that’s so quirky and cool, is quite conservative at the beginning of the film, and she’s pretty religious. After the plane crash she questions her faith, moves to Los Angeles and slowly but surely rediscovers her religion. Because this is a Diablo Cody film and she chose Julianne Hough as her lead, you can be sure Lamb will be quite vapid and shallow, both in the way she’s written and performed. This will come across as a scathing condemnation of ‘small minded conservatives’ and lack any real substance. Such is a Diablo Cody film.

Lamb of God

Like I’ve said, the film is the directorial debut of Diablo Cody, who wrote the enjoyable Juno, the trying to hard and failing miserably Jennifer’s Body and the commercial and critical flop Young Adult. She writes in such a quirky style that you just want to vomit.

She’s sorta the female version of M. Night Shyamalan. There’s potential here, and the debut was impressive, but then one shitfest after another makes people laugh when your name shows up on screen.

Lamb of God Trailer

No trailer for Lamb of God yet.

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Who’s In It?

Julianne Hough … Lamb
  Octavia Spencer … Loray
  Russell Brand … William
  Holly Hunter
  Nick Offerman
  Kathleen Rose Perkins … Amber
  Iliza Shlesinger … Carol
  Phil Austin … Pastor Rick
  Alyshia Ochse … Lexus
  Sarah Colonna
  Ciera Payton … CoCo the Stripper
  Danielle Andrade … Girl In Hallway
  Azure Parsons … Charlie
  Edward J. Clare … Churchgoer
  Gabe Begneaud … Drunk Guy #1
  Gralen Bryant Banks … Janitor
  Elton LeBlanc … Casino Patron
  Shane Partlow … Buffet Attendant
  Cynthia LeBlanc … Casino Patron
  Cesar Lazcano … Zip Line Attendant
  Julie Ann Doan … Tourist

What’s Good About It?

Diablo Cody could actually make a decent film, but only if she gets away from her cleverness and writes in a straightforward and honest way. It’s just annoying otherwise.

What’s Bad About It?

The main character’s name is Lamb. Ugh.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t expect Lamb of God to do any sort of business or be a critical darling. Just a flop. A big, hard floppy, useless thing.

Like that thing between the legs of every Canadian man. Except theirs aren’t big.