Labor Day (2013)

labor day

Labor Day follows a young Henry Wheeler, who is struggling to be the man of the house when an unexpected visitor comes calling. His mom is a recluse, but they take in a man who needs help only to find out he’s an escaped convict.

This is why I don’t help people. I just assume everyone just escaped from prison and are only here to hurt me. What’s that, it’s just a Girl Scout. That’s what she WANTS you to believe. She just got sprung from the joint and wants to eat more human flesh.

Anyways, on a shopping trip Henry and his mom Adele, not the singer (I think), come across Frank. Frank is an intimidating dude, but with Henry recently being the man of the house, his mom is probably a little too forgiving of a handsome, dangerous looking character like Frank. Oh, and he doesn’t just look intimidating. The film clip below makes it seem like he’s not an all bad guy, but he’s not necessarily a good fella either.

Labor Day

Up in The Air, Juno and Young Adult director Jason Reitman wrote the screenplay and directed Labor Day. It’s based on the book by Joyce Maynard. She also wrote the book To Die For was based on.


Labor Day Trailer

Labor Day Release Date

December 25, 2013.

Who’s In It?

Josh Brolin . . . Frank Chambers
Kate Winslet . . . Adele Wheeler
Gattlin Griffith . . . Henry Wheeler
James Van Der Beek . . . Officer Treadwell
Clark Gregg
Tom Lipinski . . . Young Frank

What’s Good About It?

Well, I think we can all agree that Clark Gregg, whose role is currently unspecified, is clearly that of Agent Coulson, and he’s tracking down Josh Brolin’s Frank because he has superpowers or something.


What’s Bad About It?

Okay, so this probably doesn’t tie into The Avengers. Which blows. I don’t really have anything else against it. Not in principle at least.

Our Clever Prediction

Reitman had a slight bump in the road with Young Adult. It did not do nearly so well as Juno or Up in the Air. That said, he’s got talent out the wazoo, and while this seems to be a very different tone than we’ve seen from him, he’s proven himself to be a more than talented director who can handle quite a lot. I have faith Labor Day will be a fairly big success. If I had to guess, which is what I’m paid three beans a small Coke per year to do, this will be a successful thriller.

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