King Dork (2011)


King Dork is apparently a biopic of my life, from conception (ewww) through my death, which should be a total twist (it turns out I was a ghost the whole time!) If this turns out to not be the plot of the film, then it may be an adaptation of Frank Portman novel of the same name, which is somewhat of a Catcher in the Rye style book, where the protagonist, Tom Henderson, goes through the latter half of his sophomore year in high school, dealing with his father’s death, and being frustrated that all of his teachers assign Catcher in the Rye for their classes.

Rights to the book were bought by Will Ferrel and Adam McKay’s production company Gary Sanchez Productions in 2006, and Seth Gordon is currently in negotiations to direct.

King Dork Script

No writer outside of Frank Portman has been announced, and it is unlikely that he will write the screenplay. The book is funny, although dark in a similar tone to Catcher in the Rye. Stay tuned for more news as script details inevitably emerge.

Who’s It For?

I would think PG-13.

Movie Release Date


Who’s In It?

No casting yet, but I think Anthony Hopkins would be a perfect 16 year old. Discuss.

Related Movies

Think Catcher in the Rye ripoffs. And what the heck, The Dark Knight. Watch those page views triple. Oh yeah.

What’s Good About It?

At 25, I’m almost at the maturity level of a 16 year old, so this should appeal to my demographic. I do love Catcher in the Rye, and I understand the book to be really good (you read it, I have things to do, like… hmm. I should read the book)

What’s Bad About It?

Another Catcher in the Rye ripoff? And I don’t think of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell as producing dramedies. They’re more retarded comedies.

Our Clever Prediction

J.D. Salinger just died. His family will no doubt sell out his legacy. Make a Catcher in the Rye film! Why make a ripoff when you have the real thing? King Dork is not one of the great books of the twentieth century (I know it was released in the twenty-first) and I doubt the film version will really shine. This concept has been done to death. If you don’t make the best possible version (being Catcher) then don’t make one at all. Of course, making a Catcher in the Rye film is somewhat sacrilegious if you’re at all a fan of Salinger, so… Go ahead. Make some movie magic.

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  1. King Dork is worlds better than Catcher in the Rye. It is not a “rip-off”… it is totally different… for one Tom Henderson is actually likable whereas HC just whines all the time. And it’s extremely funny, unlike Catcher. Its similarities are not an attempt to rip off Catcher in the Rye… it’s the joke! All books about high school are going to be accused of copying Catcher in the Rye… just because Catcher came first and is the quintessential book about adolescence. So Portman acknowledged he couldn’t escape that fate and decided to face it head on and make it part of the joke– his main character hates hates Catcher in the Rye and spends the whole book ragging on it, the whole time being reminiscent of Catcher itself. It’s ironic and funny. Not a rip off.

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