Killer Women (ABC): First Season Preview

Killer Women 1

Killer Women is a new show that promises to give exactly what it says. It’s about (extremely sexy) women with a predilection for killing people, preferably other women. It’s based on the Argentinian series Mujeres Asesinas, and looks every bit as cheesy as any Latin American soap opera. It’s the popular cowboy power fantasy, now targeted at housewives.

Hannah Shakespeare is credited as the writer and creator, and serves as executive producer alongside Sofia Vergara (yes, her), Martin Campbell, Ben Silverman, Luis Balaguer, Electus, and Latin World Entertainment. Larry Trilling directed the pilot.

What’s it about?

Killer WomenThe show follows Molly Parker, the only female in one of the most sausage-dominated law-enforcement establishments around: the Texas Rangers, an elite squad with a storied history. While some officers want her to fail, she has the support of many Rangers, because of her integrity and general badassery. On the brink of getting divorced from her douchebag husband, she starts a love affair with a sexy DEA agent.

Who’s in it?

Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) plays Molly Parker, the former beauty-queen turned Texas Ranger. Yes she is both a beauty queen and badass law enforcement officer, because shut up and watch the awesomeness.

Marc Blucas plays Dan Winston, a sexy and cool DEA agent who Molly, and the women watching at home, fall for.

Alex Fernandez plays Company Commander Luis Zea, one of the nicer colleagues of Molly.

Vic Trevino plays Lieutenant Estaban Salazar, one of the guys who don’t want to see Molly succeed.

Michael Trucco as Molly’s brother Billy.

Marta Milans as Billy’s wife Nessa.

When will it air?

It’s going to premiere in early 2014.



Reasons to watch

Sex Sex Sex. Guns Guns Guns.

Reasons to skip

It looks very corny, and if soap opera-ish dramas aren’t your thing, then you should skip this.

Our Prediction

Hannah Shakespeare’s previous writing credits include 2012’s John Cusack-starrer The Raven, and the shows Bionic Woman, and Ghost Whisperer, so don’t expect any gripping plots or dialogues from this. I don’t see this becoming a hit.