Kill Me Three Times (2015) – Three Tales of Crime in One Film

kill me three times 1

Kill Me Three Times is a crime thriller set in Australia where one woman is the common thread between three tales of crime and despair.

The woman is a young singer, played by Alice Braga, and at least a couple different people are coming for her. One is an assassin who was hired by her husband. So… her husband probably doesn’t like her very much. Another of the three tales involves a gambling addict who plans a crime, which is spurned on by a manipulative young woman, and there’s a corrupt police officer who tries to get his cut as well.

Finally, there’s a young surfer who loves the singer and hopes to save her from all the drama. I don’t know how he fits into the story other than as her paramour, but perhaps that’s enough.

Kill Me Three Times

Kill Me Three Times comes from director Kriv Stenders. His last film was Red Dog, but I honestly haven’t heard of any of his work. Except as a Camera Department Attachment for the 1989 Dolph Lundgren The Punisher film. So he’s got that going for him!

James McFarland wrote the screenplay. It’s his first film. Yep.


Kill Me Three Times Trailer

No trailer for Kill Me Three Times yet. But there’s a motion poster!

Kill Me Three Times Release Date


Who’s In It?

Simon Pegg
Alice Braga
Teresa Palmer
Bryan Brown
Sullivan Stapleton
Callan Mulvey

What’s Good About It?

Kill Me Three Times has a surprisingly good cast with Simon Pegg playing the assassin, Alice Braga being the more than capable leading lady, and Sullivan Stapleton and Teresa Palmer rounding out the main cast. Not bad. Plus, they got one of the Hemsworth boys. Not Thor, and not the Hunger Games one, but a third one. He must be super talented.

What’s Bad About It?

My only issue at present with Kill Me Three Times is the director and writer. Neither has any work to their name that indicates they’ll handle this very well. That doesn’t mean they’ll fail, but it definitely works against them.

Our Clever Prediction

I’ll need to see a trailer for Kill Me Three Times before I make any solid predictions, but it doesn’t look at present like it’ll make very much money. Maybe a bit of dough, but not all that much to be honest.