Kick-Ass 2 & Riddick Extend their Trailers, Elysium Titillates, Seventh Son Bores & More!

seventh son comic con july 19

New extended trailers for Kick-Ass 2 and Riddick, two more Comic Con posters for Seventh Son and 300: Rise of an Empire, and TV spots that range from awesome to NOT awesome for Elysium and We’re the Millers!

Kick-Ass 2 Kicks Ass For a Little Longer This Time

Kick-Ass 2 looks like it’s actually going to do a decent job of maintaining the balance of ridiculous and sorta half-real superhero movie that the first film had. Just enough of the funny moments that we all know mean it’s silly, but then a few cool fight scenes to get us hard.

That is your reaction, right?


Riddick really needs to stop being half a B movie. Cause I could almost enjoy it. If it was a totally B movie or an actual good movie, I might like it, but it’s toeing the line, and I believe it’s doing so unintentionally. Which is too bad. It could be fun.

Interesting note: the film is set in the future, but the guns and machete are decidedly not very futuristic. LAME.

It is super violent though, and that’s a plus. No PG-13 for this film.

Seventh Son or RIPD?

For reals, Jeff Bridges is a genius. He lets us know, just by the stupidity of his hair, what kind of film he’s making. Is it a retarded flick like RIPD or Seventh Son? THIS LOOK.

Okay, he also had this kinda hair for True Grit.

300: Rise of an Empire Will Apparently Require Screaming

It seems everyone in 300: Rise of an Empire will have a hearing problem. I think every poster thus far has had a screaming actor adorn the front. Wouldn’t it be funny if we saw modern dentistry?

Elysium Gives JUST Enough New Info to Titillate

I’ve been trying to figure out what makes Matt Damon’s character so special in Elysium. I get that he wears the exoskeleton suit, but someone gives it to him with, I believe, the express intent of having him breakdown the system. But why him? Why not some other dude. I think today we have the answer. He used to steal cars, and is likely very capable not only as a driver, but also as a stealer of necessary vehicles to get to the floating space station. That’s the best I can come up with at least.

We’re the Millers Makes Me Wish They weren’t in Existence

This just doesn’t look funny. Screw you, We’re the Millers. That’s all you get.