Key & Peele Join FX’s ‘Fargo’; Also Check Out The New Teasers!

Key & Peele - S2

We’ve got some news on FX’s upcoming sorta-remake of Fargo.


First, check out these short teasers:

Looks like something out of the movie, doesn’t it? But capturing the look of the movie is easier than capturing its tone. Will withhold judgement until we get more footage. But from everything I’ve seen this looks very promising.

Casting News

So apparently comedian duo Key & Peele have joined the cast for a four episode arc. They’ll be playing two FBI agents. If you don’t know Key & Peele (you monster!), they’re behind the eponymous Comedy Central sketch comedy show Key & Peele. Here’s one of their hilarious skits.

It’ll be interesting to see how the duo will adapt to dramatic requirements of the show. I’m sure they’ll be hilarious.

FX’s Fargo premieres on April 15th this year.