Jurassic World Cast, Godzilla pics, The Double & Jupiter Ascending Trailers & More!

godzilla feb 281

Jurassic World gains a villain that isn’t Newman, Godzilla launches some new images to wet our appetites, 300: Rise of an Empire shows some quality action, Jupiter Ascending has a new trailer for Japan, Dom Hemingway has some fairly NSFW film clips, and The Double has a new trailer that adds insight into the plot of the film.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World has a new villain, and it isn’t Jerry Seinfeld’s neighbor, nor is it a dinosaur. Nope, Mr. Law & Order: SVU or whichever one he’s in, Vincent D’Onofrio, is playing the bad guy in the film. What does this mean? I don’t know. The film is supposed to take place 22 years after the original film, and deal with dinosaurs getting lose and causing havoc. Like all the other ones. Cause this is a film about dinosaurs getting out and causing havoc. Why would they need a villain?


Godzilla has a handful of new photos today, and they’re not half bad. The best one is the graphic that depicts the various sizes Godzilla has been over the years. He’s certainly a lot bigger this time around. There’s a similar graphic of penis sizes by country. Canada is the small end of the graphic, and whatever country is currently not rejecting my citizenship is on the big end. I’m currently in a submarine.

Also, rawr… Godzilla!

300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire has a bunch of new film clips today, and they’re not half bad. The first is an introduction of the hero of the film, Themistokles, and he seems pretty badass, while the others highlight the villains and some of the battle plans. The film actually looks pretty cool. The action looks solid, though I feel it doesn’t have quite the visual or stylistic flair of the original. Hopefully that’s just in these particular film clips, and not in the whole film. The original definitely had a feel that should be maintained.

Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending has a new trailer for a market that I think will really appreciate the Wachowski’s visual style and storytelling. That’s primarily because they have spent an awful lot of time trying to adapt anime films to live action. They did a pretty good job with The Matrix, and it seems they might succeed again with Jupiter Ascending. The visuals and artistic style of the flick look pretty solid, which I like, and the story looks… sorta interesting… I guess… though it’s supposed to be Snow White in space or something so the story will likely blow in the end. Oh, well.

Dom Hemingway

Dom Hemingway has a bunch of new film clips today, and they feature many of my favorite things: boobs, swear words, boobies, Jude Law, jugs. This movie is going to have it all. I’d fuck a safe…

The Double

The Double has a new trailer and it’s really freaking awesome. I didn’t realize that no one else would realize that the doppelgänger actually looks like Jesse Eisenberg. It’s just someone that everyone else sees who takes over his life. That actually makes it very interesting. The idea that there’s someone who you could be, if only you acted differently, who is more successful and talented that you are, is very very cool. I’m really looking forward to this.