Jupiter Ascending (2014): Mila Kunis is Snow White in Space

Jupiter Ascending First Trailer

The creators of The Matrix and Cloud Atlas have come up with a new wild, and imaginative sci-fi that’s part fairy tale, and part action-adventure space opera. Andy and Lana Wachowski, who are also known for Speed Racer, and V for Vendetta, have finally made something that isn’t an adaptation of a book, or an existing property. But they haven’t had any significant cultural impact since The Matrix. Cloud Atlas was lukewarm at the box-office and didn’t get any major awards. Will they get their groove back with this, or will they slide further into irrelevance?

Jupiter Ascending Plot

Jupiter Jones is a Russian immigrant who once had dreams of becoming someone special, but only managed to become a toilet-cleaning janitor. (Thanks Obama!) Her fortunes take a turn when she meets Caine, a genetically enhanced intergalactic warrior who is sent to kill her by the Queen of the Universe. (Yes, the universe has a Queen. Stay with me.) As Jones goes on an adventure that spans several lightyears, she finds that the universe is full of civilizations way more advanced than earth and that her genetic signature marks her as the next Queen.

Jupiter Ascending Release Date

The film will release on July 25, 2014.

Jupiter Ascending Cast

Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones, the poor earthling who finds out she is actually a space-princess.

Channing Tatum as Caine, the space-hunter who comes from the planet golden-goatee.

Sean Bean as Stinger, who totally won’t die this time fo’real.

Douglas Booth as Titus

Vanessa Kirby as Katharine Dunlevy

Eddie Redmayne

Tuppence Middleton

Doona Bae

James D’Arcy

Terry Gilliiam, yes the Terry Gilliam, is going to have a small role.

Jupiter Ascending Pictures

Jupiter Ascending Trailer

The Good Stuff

The trailer looks interesting and I think Mila Kunis deserves to be Queen of the Universe. The Wachowskis may not have a great strike rate, but all their movies have been visually and thematically interesting. They have taken great risks, and their even their failures are admirable for their audacity. This movie, similarly, has a strange premise, and is not based on any existing franchise, which is something that is laudable in today’s age, sadly.

The Bad Stuff

While I find the trailer visually exquisite, I don’t see how the plot can go anywhere interesting, other than the predictable fairy tale route. The Wachowskis can sometimes get a bit self-indulgent, and pretentious, which makes their efforts a bit overbearing. I hope it’s not all-style-no-substance again with this film.

Our Prediction

I don’t think this will do well at the box office. The Wachowskis haven’t been successful since The Matrix trilogy, and by the law of Shyamalanic returns, they aren’t going to turn the tide this time.