Jumper 2 (2014) – Will the new Jumper Movie ever happen?


Jumper 2 is the sequel to the hit 2008 film Jumper, starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson. Jumpers have the ability to teleport anywhere in the world that they can visualize. They are hunted by an members of a secret organization called Paladins.

[ Why not join our Jumper 2 facebook page? ] Jumper made about $80 million in the U.S. which didn’t cover the $85 million budget, but the international markets brought in another $150 million, so a sequel is possible. Star Hayden Christensen has stated that he would come back, and director Doug Liman said he had a lot of ideas for a sequel, so it may happen. No one is rushing into the sequel, though, so it may be a long wait before Jumper 2. Oh, and Liman thinks it could be a trilogy, so then we have Jumper 3: Jumpin’.

Jumper 2 Script

No details yet, although Liman said that the nature of the powers seen in Jumper might enable off world stories, government assassin stories, and time travel stories. Why not all three? Why isn’t this plot made into a porno by now?

Movie Release Date

Summer 2015 at the earliest, this movie has been delayed a bit due to budget concerns. The good news is Hayden Christensen has nothing better to do but wait, since his movie career has dried up.

Who’s In It?

Hayden Christensen has said he’d come back, and Rachel Bilson and Samuel L. Jackson might also reappear, although at present there is not firm casting. lol, what else does Hayden Christensen have to do?

What’s Good About It?

You know what? I liked Jumper. Yeah. I said it. Credibility destroyed. It had cool special effects, Rachel Bilson is hot, and Jamie Bell did a really good job as the other Jumper. Liman is a talented director, and if a better script is turned in for the second film, I’m gonna like it too.

What’s Bad About It?

Hayden Christensen’s unbelievable charisma turns some viewers off. He just emotes so well. He was so good Star Wars that people just can’t believe he’s anything but Darth Vader. I know I can’t. Wait. Is unbelievable charisma just another way of saying black hole of charisma? No? Oh… This might be why the sequel won’t be good.

Our Clever Prediction

One of the biggest problems with the first Jumper was that it was obviously set up for a sequel. If they dismiss the trilogy idea and just tell a complete story, and Hayden Christensen dies in the first act, then the film could end up awesome. Maybe Rachel Bilson could Jump out of her clothes. Haha. Get it? Jump? Man, cocaine rocks. (Note: I’m not on cocaine, but I believe my mother was while pregnant with me.)


  1. if they did do a number 2 but they didn’t follow reflex they could do a story line where David and the Irish guy goes looking for other jumpers to fight against the paladins

    But some of the paladins do eventually join the jumpers

  2. They already made a jumper sequel… its called reflex… its when the main character’s girlfriend starts getting the ability to jump as well… its a book, because jumper was originally a book… and it was awesome…

  3. Yea i was going to say please please please PLEASSSEEE don’t have Kristen Stewart in 2 she is a horrible actress and ruins every movie she is in. and most males don’t like her, she is annoyyinggggg

  4. Maybe Kristen Stewart could come back, and be one of the chasers along with his mother! Kristen did play his step-sister.

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