Jimmy P. (2014) – Native American Mental Health – Trailers & Posters!

jimmy p

Jimmy P. is a drama about a Native American soldier who, after WWII, checks himself into a mental institution because of strange symptoms that were brought on by a head injury he sustained while in the war.

Benicio Del Toro plays Jimmy Picard, who obviously must be a forefather of Captain Picard, so this film is WAY more interesting now…

Anways, Picard has strange dreams, bouts of blindness and deafness, and his symptoms are quite strange for the medical professionals at the time, who basically had two categories for mental health: sane and batshit crazy. Psychiatry was so advanced back then…

But in comes Georges Devereux, a Hungarian, Jewish, famous psychotherapist, and he has experience with Mojave Indians. He talks to Jimmy and tries to help him come to grips with what he’s seeing. The two break through their cultural stereotypes and fall in love. I mean, heal Jimmy’s broken brain.

WHAT? I MAKE MOVIES MORE INTERESTING. Brokeback Mountain is a lame story about cowboys camping a lot if you don’t make them sexy for one another. Jimmy P. could use some of that.

Jimmy P.

Jimmy P. was written and directed by Arnaud Desplechin, who has made quite a few French (meaning bad, probably) films, but few in English. We’ll see if he can adapt his style to US audiences.


Jimmy P. Trailer

Jimmy P. Release Date

February 14, 2014

Who’s In It?

Benicio Del Toro . . . Jimmy Picard
Matthieu Amalric . . . George Devereux
Gina McKee . . . Madeleine 
Larry Pine . . . Dr. Karl Menninger 
Joseph Cross . . . Dr. Holt
Gary Farmer . . . Jack

What’s Good About It?

Jimmy P. has a decent cast, with Benicio Del Toro and Matthieu Amalric in the lead roles, and the story actually looks very interesting. I also like the visual style of the film from the trailer. It doesn’t look terribly standard, with some nice visuals and a quality that is a bit of a throwback to me.

What’s Bad About It?

For some reason I keep thinking this is an HBO movie.

Our Clever Prediction

Jimmy P. won’t be making bank. It looks like an Oscar film, but it’s coming out on Valentine’s Day. I’ll be seeing Winter’s Tale. I WANT PASSION, NOT NEUROSIS.