It is a Horror Masterstroke


Film remakes are always difficult. Also difficult are films that are based off books. So, the announcement of an IT remake took everyone by surprise. IT was one of the most intriguing Stephen King novels and it had a film adaptation in 1990, a quite famous one that has something of a cult following today. So, the remake had big boots to fill. Whether it succeeds in doing that or not, read our review to find out.

The storyline of IT is more or less the same – a group of kids are tormented by a supernatural character, who is a manifestation of their fears. The kids have defeated him once and have to return to defeat the creature – because IT has returned.

IT does what it promises to – create an incredible character and tell a story that’s as relevant today as it was years ago. Most horror films have an underlying aspect that’s always shown with subtlety. With IT, that subtle storyline of troubled children who have no one to turn to comes out in an excellent manner. But that’s not the only story out there. IT also tells people that the only person who can defeat your demons is you.

IT’s starcast is laudable too. This is one of the few multi starcast horror films that don’t have any space fillers in the cast, but actually good actors. The adult actors are pretty good but it is the child cast that adds to the character of the film. As far as Bill Saasgard is concerned, he is a perfect addition to the franchise as the clown to a whole new generation.

While there are many positive things to say about IT, the one thing that rankles even in all this is the use of CGI. Many fans get turned off when the CGI is imminently spotted. IT has just that kind of CGI – and that takes away some of the magic of the film.

IT is one of those rare films that bring the psychological aspect out in what is essentially a horror film. We predict that the film will be a money spinner at the box office, as it has a strong DNA, a great storyline and some incredible performances.

IT is one of the better Stephen King books-to-films example. Coming hot on the heels of the disaster that was The Dark Tower, things were not looking bright for IT. However, the director and the performers hit this one right out of the park.