Into The Woods, The Expendables 3 & Birdman Trailers, Mad Max Pics & More!

mad max fury road july 31

Into the Woods shows us some live action fables, Mad Max: Fury Road shows a few more dusty scenes, Birdman smells balls, Into the Storm does little to inspire confidence, & The Expendables 3 has a final trailer!

Into the Woods

Into the Woods has a new trailer that looks pretty solid. They just briefly tease Johnny Depp as the Big Bad Wolf, and he looks like he’s having a bunch of fun with the film. Otherwise the film looks especially solid though, with talented actors all around. And the witch doesn’t seem like she’s so bad, but I can’t be sure.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road has a few new photos today, and while the Instagram-filtered one looks decent enough, it’s the one of him holding a zombie that really intrigues me. I know it isn’t really a zombie, but a guy can hope, right? I mean, IMAGINE Mad Max versus zombies! THAT’S A BILLION DOLLAR IDEA RIGHT THERE!


I love that this trailer for Birdman ends with some jazz drumming. It just fits so well with what has to be one of the weirder super awesome looking films to be coming out in recent years. Michael Keaton looks amazing, and while he might struggle to get some love from the Oscars for this film because he’s playing a crazed version of himself, sorta, I think we’ll end up with one of the year’s absolute best films. I’m excited. Truly.

Into the Storm

Into the Storm has an overall lackluster new TV spot. It shows all sorts of exciting stuff, and yet the more it tries to excite me, the less excited I get. I need heart and soul as much as I need explosions and tornados, man. At least they had the balls to actually put a review quote that said, “AMAZE BALLS” in the spot. THAT, at the very least, gives me something to be excited about.

The Expendables 3

The Expendables 3 has a final trailer. It promises to ignite the summer blockbuster season. But it comes out in August… Well, I’m glad they’re trying. TRYING, not succeeding. It doesn’t take itself too seriously though, and that is definitely worth more than a few points in my book.