Into The Storm (2014) – Tornados Decimate a Town!

into the storm

Into the Storm is basically a sequel to Twister, but with all new characters and it’s kinda silly. A massive super storm devastates the town of Silverton. I’m not sure where that is, but they must get a lot of tornados.

So some storm brews up, and a high school class, during their graduation, is nearly sucked up into it. Their school and town is devastated by the tornado, but that’s just the beginning. For some reason, one of the main stars of the film has a kid standing out in the middle of nowhere with his girlfriend when the building crashes down around them. They’re able to call their dad, who now braves the super storm to come rescue them with the help of some storm chasers.

But the storm gets bigger and bigger, basically becoming a living thing that hunts them down. Cause mother nature is a bitch.

Into the Storm

Into the Storm comes from director Steven Quale, who directed Aliens of the Deep, Final Destination 5, and was second unit director on Avatar. So he definitely knows his way around special effects, which was pretty clear from the trailer for Into the Storm.

John Swetnam wrote the screenplay, of which I’ve heard two third were just drawings of tornados n’ stuff. And it was only twelve pages to begin with, so… that’s a lot. He also wrote the latest Step Up film. So this was really him stepping up (GET IT?) his game, since that screenplay was literally a title page, then drawings of dudes’s abs.


Into the Storm Trailer

Into the Storm Release Date

August 8, 2014

Who’s In It?

Arlen Escarpeta
Alycia Debnam-Carey
Jeremy Sumpter . . . Jacob 
Max Deacon
Nathan Kress . . . Trey 
Richard Armitage . . . Gary Morris 

What’s Good About It?

Into the Storm has some exceptional looking special effects going for it. It will definitely look better than Twister. The question is: will it have flying cows?


What’s Bad About It?

It’s a film about storms and storm chasers with likely very little story or plot, just special effects. So… there’s nothing bad about it.

Our Clever Prediction

Into the Storm will likely be a bit of a failure at the box office. Twister was a long time ago. Yes, it was a big hit, but we’ve seen this and more a bunch of times. Every time Thor is on screen there’s a chance we’ll see some inclement weather. And he as a hammer. This is like Thor without the hammer. So I repeat: who cares?