Interstellar debuts a new poster, Star Wars Episode VII shows off the Falcon, Batman V Superman Video & More!

interstellar poster sept 18

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Batmobile in a chase, Interstellar finally does a decent job on a poster, Star Wars: Episode VII adds an interesting detail to the Falcon, and Exodus: Gods and Kings shows off the various work that goes into making a massive movie!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has a little more spy footage of the new Batmobile in action! And… it’s kinda meh. I’m sure it’ll look good on camera, and it’s nice to see the tires spin and the smoke to billow out and all that, but still, meh. I want to see it on fire, flying over the Grand Canyon before slamming into Mount Rushmore and devastating the Black Sea.

I have extreme ideas on what Batman’s car can do.


Interstellar has a new poster that lives up to the promise of the film. This is a big film. Bigger than life. Big concepts. Big performances. Big emotions. Big special effects. There is very little that’s small about this film. Except for Matthew McConaughey’s dick. If there’s justice in the world he’ll have a tiny prick. But other than that, this is a big film, and this cool poster feels cool. So I’m happy!
interstellar poster sept 18

Star Wars: Episode VII

Star Wars: Episode VII released a new video today that shows some of the incredible detail on the Millennium Falcon. It’s quite the pretty ship. But wait… is that the BATMOBILE? Well, not the new one, but the one from The Dark Knight Trilogy! There’s been a whole nerd sex thing going on between directors JJ Abrams and Zach Snyder, with each of them having some fun combing their two worlds while dudes like me get boners, but this is just silly. Unless Batman is stowing a ride on Han Solo’s ship…

That could totally happen, right?

Exodus: God and Kings

Exodus: God and Kings has a couple new featurettes today that cover various parts of the filmmaking process. First up, we have a video on the film’s costumes. It’s pretty good, and the costume designer is right when she says Ramses’ costume is the best. It really would be something to see a dude in all gold armor. The second video is on the film’s locations. This one was especially cool because it showed not only the film’s large external locations, but also the very large internal locations they created with green screen backgrounds. It was nice to see how much of the interior sets were physically constructed, and not just green screen. Finally, we have a video that discusses the scale and scope of the world they’re making for the film. It really is rather large, and has a ton of different facets. The story and the world are huge. Mythical. Awesome.