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in the blood

In the Blood is a new action film vehicle for badass broad Gina Carano. She plays a woman whose husband goes missing while on vacation, and she does whatever she can to find him, or the men who kidnapped and possibly killed him.

The premise doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from the outset, since it seems pretty ridiculous for a wife on vacation to be able to go around kicking ass and killing people, so hopefully they’ll say she’s ex-special forces or something, or hell, even just an ex-MMA women’s champ, and they it’ll make at least a small amount of sense. Until then, though, this looks silly.

It’s basically like every action film ever though, with some normal dude who is somehow able to become a total ass-kicking dude without much, or often any, training. Basically, I’m sexist.

In the Blood

In the Blood comes from director John Stockwell,


In the Blood Trailer

In the Blood Release Date

April 4, 2014 – Select Cinemas and On Demand (don’t I sound all fancy, with my “select cinemas” talk?)

Who’s In It?

Gina Carano… Ava
Cam Gigandet… The Husband – REALLY?
Danny Trejo… bad guy #1
Luis Guzman… Corrupt bad guy

What’s Good About It?

In the Blood is certainly a solid looking, though cheesy and silly, vehicle for Carano. It doesn’t look smart, the action doesn’t look special, and overall it looks unremarkable, and would be a total write-off if not for Carano, who makes it special because… vagina. So it has that going for it.

What’s Bad About It?

I feel like 99% of the time studios cast Danny Trejo when they ask themselves, “Who looks like the kinda guy that would scare Brian Flying Bananahammock’s Mom? Then he gets cast.

Our Clever Prediction

In the Blood will likely fail. Even with Steven Soderbergh directing her, Carano wasn’t able to make much of an impact at the box office with Haywire. I have little hope for this, though I actually think it’ll be kinda fun and stupid, but in a good way that’ll be entertaining. Note that while I said both “Fun” and “Stupid” this is nothing like a Canadian. I do use those words to describe them, but only when saying, “It’s enjoyable to make FUN of how STUPID they are.” But I always get the Canadians to like me by saying, “Eh.” and “Hockey, eh?”

They’re forgiving people. Now, for an appropriate emoticon to sign off with…