I Am Legend 2 (2016)

I am Legend 2
I am Legend 2

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  1. As long as Will Smith is in it I will definitely watch 🙂 Will smith can’t go to darkside i thought because he told samantha he was immune and wasn’t he bit before when that tough darkseeker came into the house and bit him and threw him around? I never got to see the alternate ending but they better have will smith as the main star just saying….. it never showed will smith blowing up movies always do twists. can’t wait but it sucks that we gotta wait that long

  2. I loove this movie… Is Samantha robert’s dog in the movie? Cause when she died i cry.

  3. I’ve pressured my insider buddy for info about legend 2 and this is what I got:

    1. it IS going 2 be a sequel not a prequel.

    2. The story is going to take a turn for the supernatural, playing heavily on heavily on the “God was involved” hint revealed at the end of the 1st movie (remember the butterfly?). The colony will be divided against itself with have believing it’s a biblical “Last Days” event & the other being just your good old non-believing “it’s just a damn biological weapon out of control, we gotta kill em or cure em, and just survive” type of crowd. Writers are attempting to create a stoyline that will keep the audience unsure of which theory is actually true.

    3. Lastly, The “How did Neville Survive” issue will be solved in more of an obvious manner than you all are speculating at. Will Smith WILL be alive in the Safe Zone colony, but he didn’t survive the blast at the end of the 1st movie. “WTF?” you ask? Of course he didn’t survive! We all pretty much seen the 3some that took place with the grouchy leader of the infected, Neville, and the exploding grenade. But while the girl & the kid are on their way to the safe zone we’ll see the feet of a shadowy figure looming over Neville’s clearly dead body…….the camera will pan up…..BAM!!! It’s Dave Chappelle!!! He sprinkles a little crack on Neville and he comes back to life. DUH!!

  4. This is my first time using Starseeker. Your comments are succinct, insightful, and oh so funny. Love your crtiques!!

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