I Am Legend 2 (2016)

I am Legend 2
I am Legend 2

I Am Legend 2 is a prequel (or sequel)  to 2007’s post apocalyptic film starring Will Smith. It has been bumped to a 2016 release…..but we have been covering the movie for 5 years? We have some of the details for the upcoming Will Smith apocalyptic sci-fi. The new I am Legend will reportedly follow Robert Neville (Smith) during the outbreak of the plague that turns most of the world’s population in the vampiric infected. However, this isn’t set in stone yet. Other reports have I Am Legend 2 taking place in the safe zone, with the community trying to find a cure for ‘The Infected’. I hope its the latter, because I have little interest in a prequel at this point. Francis Lawrence has stated his desire to return to direct the movie, and he is apparently at work on the story.

I am Legend 2 Update

So this piece of I Am Legend 2 news hit our inbox the other day, and it seems legit. Thanks for sharing this, we appreciate it.

Hey Guys, my name is ****** and I am a employee at Village Roadshow Pictures. 5 Years ago we helped Warner Brother Studios put this brilliant movie together. Unfortunately we are not working on the current project which will be a sequel to the original movie. The main storyline is now Anna and Ethan have given the cure to scientists at the Survivors Colony, but they need a test subject to try the cure on, so the scientists go to the nearest city being Bethel, Vermont and capture a female Darkseeker.

During the tests the scientists are made aware that the female Darkseeker is pregnant. They test the baby for the genetically-engineered variant of the measles virus created by Dr. Alice Krippin. The test where negative, the child was not infected with the virus. Therefor the child is removed from the creature by caesarean section. Whilst the mother is tested on. After 2 months of daily testing the darkseeker died. The child of the darkseeker was put in to the care of Anna and her new fiancé named Dr. Charles Jackson. After 5 years (the child by then named Chris) Started to show signs of the measles virus.

Dr. Jackson recommended to Anna that the child should be but in quarantine, Anna was reluctant to do this so kept him locked away in the house away from public sight. His condition then started to resemble the Rabies virus just like the genetically-engineered variant of the measles virus created by Dr. Alice Krippin. During one night, the child escaped from his bedroom and infected all those in the house. Those being Dr. Charles Jackson and his girlfriend with whom he was cheating on Anna with. The chaos at the survivors coloni causes a small group of people to leave the Survivors Colony in that group are Anna and Ethan. They set off on a long journey to Ohio as Anna is told by God that they will be safe there. (Sorry, I am not allowed to tell you anymore that this, Hope you enjoy the movie next december)

Cool, right? Thanks again to our awesome insider!

I am Legend 2 Trailer

There isn’t one…yet

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

I Am Legend 2 has been bumped to a 2016 release.

Who’s In It?

Will Smith… Robert Neville

Interesting Fact

Science is always screwing up the world. Which is why I never use technology. Not even when I write for a website. Think about it.

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What’s Good About It?

The first half of I Am Legend was pretty good, and the alternate ending was way better than the theatrical release. The second has potential, and I like director Francis Lawrence. Constantine was good too, so I’m looking forward to I Am Legend 2.

What’s Bad About It?

I heard a rumor that Scientologists started editing the film, and that’s why the ending was changed. If Will Smith has really gone over to the Dark Side, then this may suck.

Our Clever Prediction

Any action film Will Smith does makes money. There aren’t that many actors who I’d like to watch alone on screen for an hour, but he’s one. Hopefully the second film is scarier, and has a more cohesive story. Fingers crossed.


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