House of Night (2013)


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  1. You know NOTHING about the H.O.N.It is way better than Messed-up Twilight.They’re is no werewolves or some messed-up love triangle.So,quite judging a book by it cover because you havent even read the books yet so sit down with ur big girl panties on and shut ur big mouth. -.-

  2. I’m not usually a total b!tch, but you just hit a nerve. No. 1) The House of Night series is way more thought out than the Twilight series,no offense Stephanie. No. 2) The H.O.N. series has way more more than three or four main characters. No.3)There is no stupid love triangle because there are many different types of love. Not just, ohmigod i’m oh-so in love. No. Many, many more. No. 4) Are even thinking rationally? This damn series is sooo much better then the Twilight series. No. 5) If anything, Twilight is a spin-off of H.O.N., because H.O.N. Has been around longer.
    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Literally.

    Do. You. Under. Stand. What. I. Am. Saying? God! Now let’s move on with our live. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet.

  3. how DARE you compare house of night to twilight? twilight is a vampire romance. house of night is action packed, vivid, descriptive…yes, there is one part where the ex-almost-boyfriend gets jealous of the current almost-boyfriend but that’s like 1 paragraph. I have only read the first book but at least that’s SOMETHING. You’re literally judging a book by it’s cover…

  4. So you want to bad talk the House of Night? Well i dont think you want to. Know why? I love the series. I own every book, poster, oracle cards, and novellas. So you need to shut your mouth cause i aint goin to take any one bad talkin the house of night.

  5. I agree with everyone that is saying ” why are you writing about something you don’t even know about?!” Why are you even on here? YOU have no right talking about something that is WAY better then that Twilight stuff. This story is great to read and we ( and i mean the people who have read it) are excited to hear that they are in the process of making it into a movie. Because when we read the books we wonder if its going to be what we all pictured. It has so much action, romance, horror, and comedy in it whats not to like about it. I believe this will be bigger then Twilight and more people will like it better. Well I can’t wait till Kristen Cast tells us on Facebook that everything went ok and that there will be a movie.

    • everyones getting all bat shit crazy over the whole part of twilight lol but they are right but honestly grow up you know wich is better

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