Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit Movie Poster

Hot Pursuit is looking to be the dumbest movie of 2015, and that’s saying a lot. Witherspoon has hit a new low, coming down from that  horrible biopic ‘Wild‘ which I had to endure. At least Wild has some nudity to get me by.  The incredible pile of shitty movies being released this year is amazing, and Hot Pursuit looks to be the king of awful ‘girl power’ comedies.

So hey, what do you get when you take The Heat, Thelma and Louise and mix it with every other ‘outrageous adventure’ ? You get Hot Pursuit. I don’t even know what to tell you, it’s just terrible looking. Watch the trailer, see for yourself

Did you get that? Did you catch every goofy cliche, repackaged for the One Millionth time? Did you see the part where Witherspoon’s career just went ‘bye bye’? Oh Sofia Vergara and her irritating listenable accent? Yeah, maybe 20 years ago Vergara was sustainable, but why put her on the big screen without a little.. nudity? Why else would I want to see her in a movie?

  • Dumb blonde jokes? Check
  • Latino jokes? Check
  • White redneck cliche? Check
  • Outrageous cross country adventure? Check
  • Stupid cops? Check
  • Animosity between the two main characters? Check
  • Bonding moment between the two main characters? Check

I mean, come on. Hot Pursuit is Tammy, repackaged and being sold as some sort of new idea? No thanks.