Horrible Bosses 2 & Foxcatcher have New Trailers!

horrible bosses 2

Horrible Bosses 2 makes an uncomfortable request, & Foxcatcher shows some enthusiasm!

Horrible Bosses 2

You know, I don’t know what Jason Bateman has to complain about in Horrible Bosses 2. If Jennifer Aniston offered me a chance at repaying her for all those seasons of Friends by letting me take a dump on HER, I’d be psyched. She got away with 10 years of dumping in my brain. This is really the least she could do.


Foxcatcher has a new trailer that focuses more on Channing Tatum’s wrestler character Mark Schultz than Steve Carell’s overly enthused wrestling coach, and it honestly does a great job of showing Tatum’s intensity in the film, which is epic. But unfortunately for him, even just a few brief glimpses of Steve Carell show that this is still his movie, and he’s going to win the shit out of every Oscar ever. Cause holy fucking shit, he’s scaring the hell out of me. He should play the Joker or something.