Here are the rumored names in contention to play the new Batman

Ryan Gosling might play Batman

There might not be a script yet, but reportedly WB is keen on starting production for the Batman vs Superman movie in early 2014. Well, that’s always a good sign.

Anyway, according to Hollywood Reporter, here are some of the actors who might play Batman.

Ryan Gosling

I’m not a fan of Gosling’s whole “smile nonchalantly and look smug” shtick. I’m not sure a hipster Batman would go well with fans. As someone who didn’t even like Drive, I hope this guy doesn’t get the job.

Joe Manganiello

He plays Taylor Lautner in True Blood and is on this list because Snyder likes his men with bulging steroided muscles. It’s been reported that he was one of the people who lost out to Cavill for the role of Superman. I don’t know how much he belongs in a Superman movie, but Cavill certainly belongs more in True Blood.

Richard Armitage

He played Thorin recently in The Hobbit. Honestly, he doesn’t look that bad. He looks like one of Ra’s Al Ghul’s relatives from Nolan’s films. I don’t think he’ll be chosen, though. His jawline isn’t Batmanny enough.

Max Martini

Most recently, he appeared in Pacific Rim as Crocodile Dundee. You might’ve also seen him in Castle, or Revenge, if you’re a middle-aged housewife. I don’t see what’s special about him, he looks like a generic white hunk. Was he one of the extras in 300?

Matthew Goode

He played Ozymandias in Snyder’s Watchmen. Recently, you might’ve seen him in the thriller Stoker. I liked him in both the movies, but I think he will be out of place here. He’s a good actor, so maybe I am prematurely counting him out. I just can’t see him as anything other than a preening psychopath. He might be a good Joker!

Josh Brolin

Okay, here’s the only candidate I’m excited about. He’s a great actor, and I’m sure he’ll be able to pull off the gravitas required for Batman. His voice is also pretty badass. If he can star in Jonah Hex, then I’m sure he’ll have no problem donning the revered cowl and cape.

In other Batman/Superman news, Snyder is meeting up with Frank Miller to discuss about the film. In his comic-con announcement, he went out of his way to establish a connection between the movie and Miller’s seminal graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. I don’t expect this to turn out good.