Hell and Back Again (2011)


Hell and Back Again is a documentary about the war in Afghanistan, and the devastating effect a single bullet has on a 25 year old soldier.

Sergeant Nathan Harris is a real life soldier who was part of a Marine Unit that was attacked from all sides by an enemy that was hard to understand. Director Danfung Dennis was embedded in the unit and caught much of the action. He contrasts the horrors of the war with Harris’s struggle to regain normalcy when he gets home.

Hell and Back Again

Danfung Dennis has little other experience as a filmmaker, but Hell and Back Again has been nominated and won some awards, including 2 Sundance Awards, so it’ll likely be riding high come award season, with a likely Oscar nomination and maybe even win in its future.

Hell and Back Again Trailer

Hell and Back Again Release Date

October 5, 2011 in NY
October 14, 2011 in LA
Wider release may happen with good word of mouth.


Who’s In It?

Documentaries don’t exactly have casts, just people who were there.

What’s Good About It?

The trailer looks good, and the word of mouth is really strong for Hell and Back Again.

What’s Bad About It?

While I have no doubt Hell and Back Again will do a great job showing one particular soldier’s experience, I feel it may not show a good enough cross section for an accurate portrayal of the war.

Our Clever Prediction

If Hell and Back Again is nominated for an Academy Award, which I think it will be, then it should do fairly well.

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