Heaven is For Real (2014) – Greg Kinnear Talks God

heaven is for real

Heaven is For Real is a new drama based on the novel Todd Burpo, who’s real life son went through a near death experience and claims to have experienced heaven.

Basically, this is a super religiousy movie, and shows Todd’s son, Colton, has all sorts of knowledge he shouldn’t, from knowing about his mom having a miscarriage to things about Todd’s grandfather. The film primarily deals with Todd’s struggle with his son’s thoughts on the afterlife, and coming to the decision to bring his son’s story to the world. Todd is met with criticism, and much disbelief, but his son has a gentle way and gives people hope and peace. So even if it’s all an illusion, or if his son is nuts, it’s for a good cause. Making Todd money.

Heaven is For Real

Heaven is For Real comes from director Randall Wallace, who wrote Braveheart and Pearl Harbor before directing Secretariat and We Were Soldiers. Chris Parker wrote the screenplay.


Heaven is For Real Trailer

Heaven is For Real Release Date

April 16, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Kelly Reilly . . . Sonja Burpo 
Greg Kinnear . . . Todd Burpo
Connor Corum . . . Colton
Margo Martindale
Thomas Haden Church
Jon Ted Wynne . . . Mr. Jackson 

What’s Good About It?

Heaven is For Real has Greg Kinnear, who I still love. That’s mostly due to me recently rewatching As Good as It Gets, CLASSIC Kinnear, but it’s also because he has an earnestnes that I like, and this is a great role for him to play.

What’s Bad About It?

I think a lot of people will be turned off by Heaven is for Real’s heavy handed religiousness. If you don’t want to believe, this film will likely come across as grating.

Our Clever Prediction

Heaven is For Real might do reasonably well. It comes out right near Easter, and it doesn’t look too bad. Yeah, it’s essentially a big screen Lifetime movie, but it looks halfway decent, and the honest to goodness… well, goodness of it is charming.