GTA 4 Review


I haven’t looked forward to a game in years, so when December rolled around I was drooling with anticipation for the newest editon to the Grand Theft Auto franchise for the pc. The home console version was a huge hit, I was incredibly excited for the pc port. Then, the disappointment hit me with one of the worst console to pc translations that I could have ever imagined. GTA 4 for the pc blows.

The graphics

Horrible. Well, I’d consider them fantastic if this were 1984 and I was playing this on my Atari 800. Rockstar made the game near impossible to run for the average pc owner, medium powered machines won’t be happy with it either. The game looks pathetic, even with the secondary hacks I applied to try to get the game to look decent.

You see, the idiots at Rockstar failed to give us options to really control the graphics in the game. No anti-aliasing options, you can’t control the shading or fine details. Its just all , or nothing. I even created my own commandline file and tricked the game to run at much higher levels, with very little success.

Yes, my 1gb video card.. my 4gb or ram and dual core processers barely squeak out a sniff of beauty in this game. I forced the game into 1920×1280 and it still looks pathetic.

The Adventure

More of the same, but Rockstar has taken out the truely fun elements of this once proud franchise. Gone are the really fun side adventures we used to love in the GTA series. You can vary your choices along the way, take different paths to your goal.. but nothing too new here.

The Cheats

Gone are the wonderful cheats that were so addictive, they made you forget the missions and just have fun. Good luck just typing in “Monster Mash”, spawning a monster truck and plowing over pedestrians then running away for more damage and adventure. Gone is the jetpack, the huge bunnyhops.. its all gone. Instead they give you a few lame cheats you have to type in the ingame cellphone.

The Gameplay

Hard to tell since it looks like you are playing your old Nintendo or Atari. The inability to give anyone but the best systems real graphics makes this game almost unplayable.

The Verdict

Avoid this game, if you have a mid range system, you’ll be unimpressed. If you have a 2k$ gaming rig, you may like it.

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