Great Expectations (2012)


Great Expectations is an adaptation of the famous novel by Charles Dickens. The story follows a young boy whose life is pretty terrible, but he falls in love with a mean rich girl, and helps a convict, and… stuff.

How many people can so accurately describe Dickens as I? Hmmm? That’s right. Only I can describe him with ‘and… stuff.’ and you totally understand.

Anyways, for those who haven’t read the novel, I don’t want to ruin it for you, but the young boy, Pip, grows to be a young man and gains a mysterious benefactor, who makes him into a bit of a gentleman. Pip uses his newfound status to try and get the girl, but she’s a jerk, and it’s tough.

Great Expectations

Mike Newell, who directed Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the Prince of Persia movie, is directing Great Expectations. Thankfully, he once directed Donnie Brasco, so he’s not a total shit sandwich, but that Prince of Persia was like eating a walnut cake. If instead of walnuts it was corn, and instead of cake it was poop.

David Nicholls is writing the screenplay. He wrote One Day, which looked nice and I have yet to see, and he wrote Simpatico, which I vaguely recall as not being terrible.

Great Expectations Trailer

Great Expectations Release Date

TBA 2012.


Who’s In It?

Helena Bonham Carter … Miss Havisham
  Ralph Fiennes … Magwitch
  Jason Flemyng … Joe Gargery
  Robbie Coltrane … Mr. Jaggers
  Sally Hawkins … Mrs. Joe
  Holliday Grainger … Estella
  Ewen Bremner … Wemmick
  Jeremy Irvine … Pip
  David Walliams … Uncle Pumblechook
  Jessie Cave … Biddy
  Ralph Ineson … Sergeant
  Tamzin Outhwaite … Molly
  Olly Alexander … Herbert Pocket

What’s Good About It?

The cast for Great Expectations isn’t half bad, and I’m not totally against Newell, but…

What’s Bad About It?

Dear God, Newell’s last film was Prince of Persia! COME ON! Look up bad in the dictionary. Now hit yourself in the face with the dictionary for being too stupid to know what the word bad means. My dogs understand that. Anyways, Prince of Persia was bad.

Our Clever Prediction

Are you ready to barf? Here it comes. I don’t have… Great Expectations for this film!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I bet I’m the first person to EVER make that joke.