Ghost Team One (2013)

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Ghost Team One is a spoof comedy of haunted house thrillers like Paranormal Activity. It follows two bros whose house is haunted, and they decide to make a documentary of their experiences.

These two tards, Sergio and Brad, have a big house party, and during it find out their place is haunted. They don’t get help from the police because, well, they’re afraid of ghosts. Everyone knows you call the Ghostbusters, not the cops. But I digress.

Anyways, Sergio and Brad try to impress some girls at their party by pretending to be amateur filmmakers filming a documentary about their ghostly experiences. And they act like morons, and a ghost has sex with Brad at one point.

Ghost Team One

Ghost Team One comes from directors Ben Peysor and Scott Rutherford. Neither of them has experience directing a feature film. They’ve both had various random jobs, but nothing as director.

Andrew Knauer and Arthur Pielli wrote the screenplay. Knauer wrote the Schwarzenegger flick The Last Stand, but otherwise they’re not terribly experienced either.


Ghost Team One Trailer

Ghost Team One Release Date

October 11, 2013. Limited Release.

Who’s In It?

Carlos Santos… Sergio
JR Villareal… Brad
Fernanda Romero… Fernanda
Meghan Falcone… Becky

What’s Good About It?

Fernanda Romero is hotter than hell, so that’s a plus. And movies like this are usually super cheap to make, so there’s a good chance it’ll make a profit even if the box office is low.

What’s Bad About It?

Outside of Fernanda Romero, who should become a really big star who wants to prove herself by showing off her cans, the film looks very B-list. Granted, most of the Scary Movie and other parodies look like massive turds and they keep making those, but this looks even crappier.

Our Clever Prediction

The lack of a full release is worrisome. This should be a slam dunk. That means Ghost Team One must be a total turd. Too bad.

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