Get On Up (2014) – A James Brown Biopic!

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Get on Up is a biopic of the life of James Brown, who was, of course, one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, and a leader of funk. Funky funky funk. And the Godfather of Soul.

Brown grew up in extreme poverty. He didn’t have too many opportunities, and landed himself in prison as a kid cause he was a bit rough around the edges. While his style and music will most certainly be on display, Brown’s problems with drugs and alcohol, and his difficult relationship with his biological mother, will also be front and center. This is going to be an intense film, especially for those who love the funk.

I don’t know Brown’s whole story, but I know he had a pretty rough time of it with his biological mother, and his tough father. His mom left when he was real young, and he was raised by some other kind souls, but then his mom showed up when he was big and famous. That’ll probably screw with your head more than a little bit.

Get on Up

Get on Up comes from director Tate Taylor, who directed The Help, which earned Get On Up’s Viola Davis her second Academy Award nomination, and earned another Get On Up star Octavia Spencer an Academy Award. Taylor definitely has some solid acting for Get on Up.


Get on Up Trailer

Get on Up Release Date

August 1, 2014

Who’s In It?

Chadwick Boseman . . . James Brown
Viola Davis . . . Susie Brown
Dan Aykroyd . . . Ben Bart
Octavia Spencer . . . Aunt Honey
Nelsan Ellis . . . Bobby Byrd
Jill Scott

What’s Good About Get on Up?

Get on Up has a great cast, a story that follows one of the most influential and awesome musicians ever, and a fantastic director. Award. Bait.

What’s Bad About Get on Up?

Get on Up doesn’t have much going against it right now, other than it’s coming out in August, which is a bit early for Awards season.

Our Clever Prediction

Get on Up should be a fairly successful film when it comes out this August, based on fans of the music, and fans of great biopics.