Geostorm – A Another Failed Disaster Movie Failed to Impress Public



If you are looking for a movie to go to this weekend then you might want to stay away from the recent disaster movie Geostorm for some obvious reasons which we are about to discuss in this blog. This movie can be easily titled as the worst disaster film made in a long time due to the fact that most people would leave the movie theatre within a few minutes of this movie as it is not only the demeaning to human beings to sit through it but also it is pure torture without any cinematic storyline.



Geostorm falls under that category of movies which lacks in depth and scale from a cinematic point of view. The main character, Jake Lawson, played by none other than Gerald Butler, is shown in the movie as a genius in science (obviously… duh!) and along with it, is a terrible brother and father, which is again quite predictable, isn’t it people? Jim Sturgess plays Max, younger brother of Jake, who is ill-tempered, always and forever. Wait, there is more! He is also the assistant secretary of the state, bet you saw that coming too!


If you are wondering what Jack did for a living, then it is quite safe to say that it wasn’t clear in the movie what his designation was. All we can tell you is that he did the incredibly complicated job related to maintaining as well as designing satellites which control the climate, forming a web all around the world. That’s not just it – is also protected as well as prevented catastrophes related to climate since the year 2019. Gerald Butler was the head of a team that builds by seventeen nations and maintains the satellite system to protect the earth. Isn’t it interesting? Sadly, the answer is a big No once you have seen the movie. He is shown as a multi-talented expert who is not only an administrator but also a weather expert, the computer genius (can easily hack International database within few clicks), engineer and lastly an astronaut. Just Imagine!

Jack’s character is portrayed as a person who does not respect his Bosses and authorities and leaves from work without permission which results in his younger brother Max being given the power to lead the satellite station. And in time, Jake gets fired by his brother for his attitude. Gradually one after the other mishaps starts with the malfunctioning of the satellites after 3 years, followed by flash freezing of a village in Afghanistan with 300 people in it. Next catastrophic orcas in Hong Kong when a gas line explodes due to high temperature leaving in various conditions in humans (well, if sweating vigorously is a condition). This appeals to concerned the US President and the US Secretary of State who orders Max to send his best man to take care of the situations. Guess who that one man who is sent to protect the world from this mishappenings? Jake! Yes, you have guessed it correctly.

Movie Climax:

The story of the movie takes a turn when Jack takes a trip to the space to meet up a hesitant and skeptical crew who is unaware of the fact that he is the man who is responsible for saving the world before he was fired 3 years ago and slowly and steadily they start respecting him. Jack comes to know that there is a conspiracy which is leading to the highest government level personals. We believe that you will guess the rest of the story, predictable as it is. The story is hard to make sense and lacks a lot of elements which one needs to impress the viewers. There is absolutely no element of surprise and after a certain time, you will wonder why in the first place did you come to watch this movie. Didn’t you have anything better to do? – A question that will haunt you for the rest of the movie till it ends.