Frankenweenie (2012)


Frankenweenie is a stop motion remake of a 1984 Tim Burton short film about a boy whose dog is brought back to life after he creates a machine that brings a bolt of electricity down to revive the dead pooch.

The original had the revived dog terrorizing the neighborhood, and the boy had to convince everyone that the dog was really still a good dog and just needed a second chance. No word as to how closely the new version will follow the original’s plot.


Frankenweenie Pics

The Scoop

No director has been announced yet. Burton is producing the new version, and is credited with the story, but no word as to whether he will take a larger role in the film or not.

Who’s It For?

I’m guessing it’ll be PG or PG-13.

Movie Release Date

March 9, 2012.

Who’s In It?

No casting news yet. But I’d bet Johnny Depp is in it.

Interesting Fact

Frankenweenie is the nickname I have given to my junk, because it’s both a weenie, and it has two massive bolts in the base, like Frankenstein, who had bolts in his neck.
Also, it only comes alive when electricuted.

Oh, and it burns when I pee.

Just like Frankenstein.

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What’s Good About It?

The story sounds fun enough, and I’ve always enjoyed the stop motion stuff Burton makes.

What’s Bad About It?

Not a lot is known right now. I’d like to know who will be directing before I commit much hope to the film.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m guessing an average box office, even with the 3D aspect driving up prices. The original was only a short film, so there’s a lot of room for growth, which could make the new version much better. We shall simply wait and see.

Or we won’t wait and won’t see. That seems depressing.

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