Frankenstein (2012)


One of the greatest movie monsters of all time, is about to get one more shot at the spotlight!

Sony have confirmed through reps that Craig Fernandez has pitched to the studio and is scripting a modern take on Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”  ANyone slightly in touch with cinema will know that there have been dozens of Frankenstein films made since the origins of cinema.  The last time the monster surfaced in the halls of Sony was when Kenneth Branagh directed “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” in 1994, which although well directed, was a terrible film, especially if one has actually read Mary Shelly’s novel.  This has to be a blow to Guillermo del Toro, modern movie monster master, who has rumored to be developing a Frankenstein film with Doug Jones set to play the creature.


Not for awhile

Who’s it for?

Lovers of Horror!


None yet . . .

Movie Release Date

TBA 2012

Who’s In Frankenstein?

Unknown at this time . . .

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Frankenstein movies, Dracula movies, Werewolf Movies . . .

What’s Good About Frankenstein?

Its a monster everyone knows and loves!

What’s Bad About Frankenstein?

How do you make a movie that has been adapted a hundred times into something original??

Fun Frankenstein Fact!

The monster is actually nameless! It is the doctor who brings the conglomeration of body parts to life that is actually Dr. Frankenstein!  Cool!!

Our Clever Prediction

Crossing my fingers for an adaptation that actually follows the novel.  Since it has yet to been done, it will make a great original film.  But it will never been as good as Young Frankenstein!


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