Frank or Francis (2013)


Frank or Francis is an upcoming comedy about a filmmaker who has to deal with a blogger that is attacking his film. Basically, it’s about me and any Canadian filmmaker.

There aren’t a lot of details on Frank or Francis right now, but as a Hollywood satire, I can say it’ll probably be filled with in-jokes that very few people understand. Nerdy bloggers (ahem… OTHER nerdy bloggers) will probably love it, unless it takes cheap shots at them, although I figure it’ll just be stupid and over the top on all sides.

There is a reason it may not suck though (see below (is the anticipation killing you? (it should be))).

Frank or Francis

Frank or Francis is the brain child of Charlie Kaufman. All that stuff above about stupid jokes nobody is in on and only nerds loving this is wrong.

Well, actually it’s mostly right, but Kaufman is talented, so he might do something magnificent, like Adaptation. He’s both writer and director for Frank or Francis, so don’t worry, it could be quite cool.

Frank or Francis Trailer


Frank or Francis Release Date




Who’s In It?

Nicolas Cage … The Emcee
  Steve Carell … Frank
  Jack Black … Francis
  Kevin Kline

What’s Good About It?

I wonder if Kaufman reads Starseeker. He probably does. Cause of the insightful commentary. And boob jokes. And dick jokes. And Canadian jokes.

There are a LOT of reasons to be reading.

Also… butt jokes.

Anyways, Frank or Francis looks really good all of a sudden. It’ll probably be another fantastic down crazy lane for Nicolas Cage, and that can only be good. Hollywood satire, for the most part, is crap, but Kaufman is smarter than most, especially with this kinda stuff.

What’s Bad About It?

I fear the nerd-love. Kaufman is good, but his stuff can get a bit weird. If Frank or Francis goes too far down the rabbit hole it might not make any sense, except to the foolish few who try to find meaning in everything.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t think there’s much chance of Frank or Francis making a lot of money, but it will probably do fairly well. Kaufman is better as a writer than as a director, and I worry his stuff might fall short of expectations because of the lack of another creative mind to temper his more… extraordinary ideas, but I have little doubt the film will be an instant cult classic.