Father of Invention


Robert Axle is an eccentric inventor turned ego maniacal infomercial guru, loses it all when one of his inventions maims thousands of customers. After 8 years in maximum security prison,

Axle is ready to redeem his name and rebuild his billion dollar empire. But first he must convince his estranged 22 year old daughter to let him live with her and her quirky, over protective roommates. This character driven comedy is a heart warming tale of how love, resilience and a little bit of creative genius can connect even the most disparate forces

Release Date

2010 (USA)


Kevin Spacey,Heather Graham,Camilla Belle,Johnny Knoxville,Craig Robinson,Red West

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The Good

Oscar Winner Kevin Spacy who is the most versatile actor we have is coming in a comedy movie. It is going to be a wonderful experience to watch Kevin Spacy in a full fledged comedy movie. Definitley a movie to look forward to.

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