Erased (2013)


Erased is a new action thriller about a former CIA engineer who becomes part of a vast conspiracy that threatens his life and the life of his daughter.

Ben Logan (played by Aaron Eckhart) was in the CIA for several years, but he leaves to start a job as a lock engineer. Basically, he designs and helps break (to determine weaknesses) super advanced locks. One day, he brings his daughter to work (I guess they still have those days…) and his office is deserted. Not a soul to be found. Hmmm… He suspects something is up.

And the CIA thinks so too. There’s a secret here somewhere, and he has to unravel it to figure out how to keep himself and his daughter safe.

Basically the film looks like Taken, but starring Aaron Eckhart.


Erased comes from director Phillip Stölzl, who last made the uber-action oriented flick Young Goethe in Love. Okay, so he might not have much experience in terms of action films, but he’s made a few films over the years and is probably reasonably capable.

Arash Amel wrote Erased. This is his first film, but he’s apparently an up and comer, as studios have entrusted him with Grace of Monaco as well. I need to write that preview…


Erased Trailer

Erased Release Date

May 10, 2013.

Who’s In It?

 Olga Kurylenko … Anna Brandt
  Aaron Eckhart … Ben Logan
  Liana Liberato … Amy
  Neil Napier … Derek Kohler
  Alexander Fehling
  Kate Linder … Principal Gibbins
  Garrick Hagon … James Halgate III
  David Bark-Jones … Marty Braemer
  Eric Godon … Maitland
  Debbie Wong … Mei Ling
  Simone-Élise Girard … Halgate’s Receptionist
  Jade Hassouné … Abdi
  Nick Alachiotis … Walter Smet
  Carlo Mestroni … Field Officer
  Alexandra Lipskaia¹ … Kohler’s Personal Assistant
  Yassine Fadel … Nabil
  Gerardo Lo Dico … Belgian Gendarme
  Sebastien Soudais … Hooded figure
  Carl Crevier … Halgate’s P.A.
  Andre Givogue … SSE: Doctor
  Maxime Morin … The Realtor

What’s Good About It?

I like Aaron Eckhart a lot, and I don’t think it’s too difficult to make a film like Erased. There’s a mold, which Taken and the Bourne films have done pretty well, so you just need to follow the form. That said, they need to take advantage of Eckhart to make Erased stand apart.

What’s Bad About It?

Erased comes out May 10, which is just a week after Iron Man 3. It’s going to be swallowed by the other, bigger films during the beginning of the summer movie season. If it was really good the filmmakers would released it in September or late August.

Our Clever Prediction

I have little hope for Erased, which is too bad, because the film doesn’t look half bad. It might be a fun watch when it’s available on Netflix, but I doubt many people will see it in theaters.

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