Epic (2013)


Epic is a new animated film about a world beneath ours. A young woman whose father has been searching for clues to this world is transported into it. One day, Mary, whose dad is the local nut cause he believes in this teeny tiny world, is shrunk down to size and finds herself in the midst of a war between good and evil. She sides with good, DUH, and fights alongside the leaf men to combat the spider Queen Tara. The film is quite visually stunning, at least from the trailers thus far, so check those out, suckas!


Epic comes from director Chris Wedge and about a billion writers, which these animated films tend to have. He directed Ice Age, which made at least 7 dollars, and he made Robots while executive producing a bunch of other animated films. Wedge seems to know his stuff.



Epic Trailer

Epic Release Date

May 24, 2013.

Who’s In It?

Josh Hutcherson … Nod (voice)
Amanda Seyfried … Mary Katherine (voice)
Colin Farrell … Ronin (voice)
Christoph Waltz … Mandrake (voice)
Jason Sudeikis … Bomba (voice)
Blake Anderson … (voice)
Aziz Ansari … Mub (voice)
Beyoncé Knowles … Queen Tara (voice)
Steven Tyler … Nim Galuu (voice)
Judah Friedlander … (voice)
Pitbull … Bufo (voice)
Emma Kenney … Voice

What’s Good About It?

The visual style of Epic is striking, and while I think at least half of the quality of the trailers comes from the song they use (which really works well here) I still think it’s a good looking film with a nice enough story. I like how you can tell the two trailers are geared at different audiences, with one that is far more about the boy being a badass and the other about the girl being the hero.

What’s Bad About It?

Nothing yet. Ice Age was good and the trailers look solid with a good cast.

Oh, Beyonce is in this. FUCK IT.

Our Clever Prediction

The release date, director and trailers for Epic all lead me to believe this will be the big animated film of next summer. Yeah, it’s not Pixar (at least I don’t think it is), but it’s still a good looking film with a ton of potential.