Elysium & Getaway video it up, Don Jon and Spider-Man pose, and Jobs Blows!

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 shows some super friends, Elysium activates the bad guy Kruger and shows off the robots, Jobs tries to show how inspiring the story is, Getaway titillates us (just kidding), and Don Jon offers a poster that I could have easily made!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It’s interesting that I’ve heard Sony really wants to try to expand the Spider-Man universe with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as they’d likely want to create multiple films and line those suckers up one summer after another like Marvel has with their Avengers universe. Unfortunately, Sony only has access to certain characters, so Venom is their best bet for a movie to branch out and make some dough.

Regardless, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will feature Harry Osborn, the son of Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, as evidenced by this photo. Not a really great photo in general, but it shows the two buddies doing their thing.


The reviews for Elysium have been coming in, and they’ve been stellar thus far. I’ve heard Sharlto Copley’s bad guy, named Krugar, is a bit too over the top for some folks, but he certainly looks badass in this new clip.

In addition to the Krugar clip, there’s also a new featurette today that focuses on the myriad of different robots in the film. I like how the robots are, like much of the film, grounded in some elements of reality. Sure, it’s not super realistic if it were in the present day, but 50 to 100 years from now we could have robots like that running around shooting Matt Damon.

Who I assume is immortal…


I don’t think Jobs is going to be a great film, primarily because of Ashton Kutcher, but this new trailer is actually not half bad. Steve Jobs was a very smart guy. He knew how to tug at people’s heart strings in a way that few ad men ever could. I think there’s a chance people of low intelligence will find great inspiration in this telling of his life.

This means YOU, Canada.


Getaway has a new TV spot and featurette today. The TV spot is pretty basic overall, but the featurette is kinda cool, as it focuses on the Ford Mustang that’s the main car of the film. It’s a pretty sweet ride.

And man, Selena Gomez might be hot, but she sounds STUPID.

Don Jon

I’m really interested in Don Jon. I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt a lot, and Scarlett Johansson looks great in the trailers. And everything she’s ever done.

Also, it’s about a dude who has a porn addiction. Which I’ve… heard of. But don’t have. Not at all. Never.

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