Earth to Echo (2014) – E.T. meets Chronicle!

earth to echo

Earth to Echo is a new kids movie that blends elements from ET, Super 8 and a bit of Chronicle. It follows a group of kids who get mysterious text messages when a new construction site goes up in their neighborhood.

Basically, the kids get encrypted messages that they think means something, but their parents and the authorities don’t agree. So the kids, as kids do, took things into their own hands. They discover an alien, at least I think they do, it might be a robot, and likely become its friend. And it might give them powers, sort of like ET helped the kid fly on his bike. It’s fairly cryptic right now, but it might turn out to be a bit of fun. It might.

There aren’t very many other details as of yet for Earth to Echo, so stay tuned.

Earth to Echo

Earth to Echo


Earth to Echo Trailer

Earth to Echo Release Date

April 25, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Teo Halm . . . Alex 
Astro . . . Tuck 
Reese C. Hartwig . . . Munch
Ella Wahlestedt . . . Emma
Jason Gray-Stanford . . . Dr. Lawrence Madsen 
Cassius Willis . . . Calvin

What’s Good About It?

Earth to Echo looks an awful lot like Chronicle in the trailer, with found footage stuff and everything. I’m not certain yet if the whole film is found footage or not, but it appears to have a degree of decent special effects, so hopefully it’ll work out okay.

What’s Bad About It?

Kid actors.

Our Clever Prediction

Earth to Echo might be a big hit with kids, who are mostly served by animated films these days. There haven’t been many ET-style films, or Sandlot, so maybe this will serve that market. I loved The Sandlot. Smalls is still killing me, even all these years later.